Monday, January 28, 2013

MamaYala™ World Cultures 
is a design studio founded to foster learning, 
admiration, and respect for the cultures of the 
world. It is our goal to promote a sense of 
community amongst one another. 

MamaYala™ means motherland. 
The word Yala means land. It is written in the 
indigenous language, Dulegaya, of the Kuna people 
of Panama. With this name we give tribute to 
our ancestors who passed along their 
cultural heritage throughout our motherland.

MamaYala™ developes 
multi-cultural educational materials, which include 
original illustrations of artifacts, foods, 
flora, fauna, and musical instruments. Our 
beautiful, colorful, and simple graphics will take 
you in a journey around the world.

Thank you 
for visiting our website!