Sara Ponce
Designer and founder of 
MamaYala™ World Cultures.
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, 
she learned to love her culture and 
admire the culture of others. Her 
passion for education, design and 
the people of the world merged to 
inspire the writing, illustrating 
and designing of a children’s 
picture book about Puerto Rico.

Most of her career was dedicated 
to the educational field teaching art 
and computer graphics design 
in grades K-12 in Rochester, NY. 
In the past few years she worked 
as a freelance graphic designer and 
was an online instructor for the 
Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

She has traveled throughout 
Canada, France, Greece, 
Puerto Rico, Spain, and 
Turkey, and lived in Germany 
for a year. She has also traveled 
around the United States 
visiting most of the states in the 
East Coast and several in 
the Southwest.

Her passion for education, design 
and world cultures define the 
foundation for MamaYala.™